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I'm in Santa Cruz, is there a place I can look at the material to figure out what I'd like to start with? If not, do u have recommendations for what to start with? I'm just learning/ new to all this. My mom and I are gonna watch the online videos together tomorrow and then we wanna join in some practice groups. Thank you (the abbott family) for putting all this together and sharing your love of music!


For ukulele (comprehensive: beginner to advanced)

Learning + 100 Big Print Songs:

For guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, Dobro, fiddle

AND If learning from books works well for you generally, then:

Learning + 371 normal print songs:

BUT If learning from books does NOT work that well for you, then:

Learning + 100 Big Print Songs:

Argh, so many choices. I hope that make it less confusing :-)

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Thank you Carl!!


Where can I purchase this book. Get Started Plus: From Zero to Playing Fluently By Ear (Core Songs Edition) Spiral-bound – 2011
I tried Amazon and my local bookstore but they were unable to access it. Some of the other books I tried to purchase would not send to Canada. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you
Eileen Myers


This should ship anywhere in the world

=== Audio CDs ===

===ToneWay Method===

The ToneWay Music Method
Ukulele & Guitalele - Method Only

===ToneWay Method & Songbook ===

Family Tradition: ToneWay Music Method & Song Reference
Ukulele & Guitalele - Method & Songbook

=== ToneWay Songbooks ===

Family Tradition Songbook
Family Tradition BIG PRINT Songbook
Family Tradition BIG PRINT GOSPEL Songbook

=== Blowing Zen ===

Blowing Zen: Expanded Edition
Blowing Zen
Blowing Zen II

=== Yoga ===

Hatha Yoga: The Essential Dynamics

=== Tao Te Ching ===

Tao Te Ching WfW (Translation and Commentary)
Tao Te Ching: WfW (Translation only)

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