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Do you know the lyrics to this song...

Song starts with “You can read the words of Jesus in St Matthew 24”; chorus starts with “It's all comin' true, it's all comin' true; God's own holy bible, it's all comin' true.” A Baptist friend said he remembered it from a hymnal when he was a child, but I haven't found the lyrics. I'd be interested to know lyrics or where to find them. Thanks.


I'm not familiar with the song you are referencing, however there is a song titled “Matthew 24” written by Lonnie Glosson in the 1930's. It has been often recorded by artists such as Molly O'Day, Kitty Wells, Wilma Lee Cooper and others. There are several versions on You Tube.

Sorry I couldn't help with your specific request but thought you may be interested in this song with a similar message.


–Gene McConnell


I'm sorry but I don't know either. I googled those lyrics as I imagine you did but came up empty handed. I hope some will know for you. Best, Leslie


Sounds like a Ricky Skaggs song to me, but I can't be sure.

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